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Reusable Grocery Bags: 10 Reasons Why We Should Start Using Them

Do you know how many years a single plastic bag takes before it breaks down? Up to 1,000 years😲! Yes, that means that every single piece of plastic in our lifetime and the generations before us still exists today! Imagine how many people use not only single use plastic bags but also plastic wrap, toothbrushes, sticky tape, single use plastic water bottles etc, that's an absolute sh*t load of plastic still hanging around! Where do these items go? Yes, right there in the bin and waiting to be taken into landfills (or even worse get blown into nature!). Not cool. 

It’s about time to do our part in helping reduce the impact of plastic on our environment. Instead of using flimsy plastic bags that will far out live you, why don’t you switch to using reusable grocery bags?

Here are 10 good reasons why these bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags:


Though some stores still offer free plastic bags, others now charge a few cents per bag. Although the upfront cost can be an issue for some people if you break it down to a few bought plastic bags every grocery shop or two and you're easily spending way way way over what a reusable bag would cost in a year and the best part is a good quality reusable bag can be used for years on end! You do the math💸!


As we all know, plastic bags are a major reason behind pollution and global warming. This is not the case when it comes to reusable grocery bags because they are made from environmently-friendly materials like bamboo, canvas, organic cotton, or fiber. There are plenty of options on the market and it is easy to find a material that best suits your need!


Plastic is forever. Virtually every piece of plastic you have ever had in your life still exists. But are they still usable or they’re just a frequent wear and tear option for you? Convenience of single use plastic is not a long lasting option. Reusable bags are a far better choice and durable enough to be used in our day-to-day lives if maintained properly.

Easy to carry

If you’re looking for bags to use on a daily basis, say like carrying groceries or a pack of a healthy lunch to your workplace, reusable bags are a good choice. You can even carry them for long distances without wearing off and hurting your fingers! Nothing worse than scurrying to your car with your fingers turning purple from the thin plastic straps digging into your fingers (who else refuses to do more than one trip with their bags 🙋🏼‍♀️)!

Fashionable and visually appealing

Reusable bags can come in your favorite colour and lots of different designs. Isn’t it nicer to bring something along with you that reflects your taste? Hmmm, that’s being fashionable while being practical and nature lover at the same time (that's ticking a whole lot of boxes right there)! Eco-friendly doesn't have to equal hideous, why not splash out and get something that you will want to use!

No spills or rips

Do you have a lot of grocery goodies and concerned where to put them? No worries. Reusable bags can do the job, made out of strong a durable fabrics they will often hold far more than the average plastic or paper bag. A lot now even come with a solid bottom for durability and to avoid your items falling out. Of course, nobody likes a plastic bag fail!

More efficient

Unlike plastic bags that are prone to wear, reusable bags carry more items and still retain their shape. Are you in a hurry checking out at a grocery store? Simply pick and put your goodies quicker and safer inside a reusable bag. Plus most times you can fit far more in these bad boys that your average plastic bag and I for one am all for  making less trips to the car (bring on the gunshow 💪🏼, I got this)! It even saves time sorting those items at home.

Fewer germs

When you own reusable shopping bags, you know exactly where you’re placing them. And since they’re made from eco-friendly materials, they’re less prone to germ contamination. It’s a different case with plastic bags - do you know where they have been before they entered your home and touched your food (EWWWWW🤢)? Not to mention most reusable bags (not the plastic ones) are able to be hand or machine washed! This is a major benefit when carrying different types of foods!


Apart from carrying groceries, reusable bags are also great for storing important documents, bringing school supplies or picnic lunches and keeping other miscellaneous items. My most recent purchase (from SACKED store - sooooo not bias) has turned into my new favourite day bag and has virtually replaced my need for anything other bag (it really is that useful)!

Discounts and incentives

There are some grocery or department stores that provide discounts to those shoppers who bring reusable bags with them and others who just don't charge you extra fees for using your own. That may only be a few cents per shopping but you add that up every time you shop and it's going to be some serious coin for your soy green matcha skinny lattes over the year ☕️.

There are more advantages that you may get from using reusable shopping bags. At SACKED store, we express that sustainability starts from home, and each member of the family should contribute to a greener, healthier surrounding.

Don’t have a reusable bag yet, or planning to buy additional eco-friendly bags? Choose from one of our high-quality, multi-purpose bags collection and let the world know you care.

So go ahead and pick your reusable bag and start adopting a more environment-friendly lifestyle!

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